“Your sketchbook starts as an experiment in following your creativity wherever it takes you, and emerges as a snapshot of  your individual design process.”

The Fashion Designer’s Sketchbook is a step-by-step guide to creating uniquely individual sketchbooks as part of your personal design process. I introduce three distinct types of creative sketchbook, each representing a different phase in the design process, moving in easy progression from initial inspiration and market research, to design development, to portfolio companion presentation. Using your sketchbook as an experimental design lab encourages spontaneity, creativity, and individual aesthetic.

Since the power of visual storytelling is the province of the sketchbook, I’ve gathered together a wealth of sketchbook examples in a variety of creative styles, target markets and aesthetic levels to narrate each step:

  • Simple exercises clarify and follow hands-on sketchbook design practice.
  •  Focus is on understanding the potential of visual metaphor to translate abstract conceptual ideas into design; incorporating merchandising from the creative perspective; experimenting with editing scenarios to achieve a cohesive collection; and advancing the working sketch to communicate design thinking.
  • Graphic strategies show how to project aesthetic into a cohesive sketchbook presentation. 

Professional designers and student contributors alike lend personal stories of their design experimentation, editing, sketching and the showcasing of their unique design vision. In combining sketchbook with portfolio, adapting it to studio practice and utilizing digital techniques to support their creativity, designers are taking the practice and purpose of sketchbook design out into their careers.